Summer HHA (Home Health Aids) Bonus Program

What is it?  Program to incentivize current and newly hired HHAs (Home Health Aids) to work additional hours each week.

How does it work?  HHAs are eligible to receive a $100 bonus each week where they have total worked hours that exceed their Target Hours by 10 and another $200 if they exceed their week target hours by 20.

What are the Target Hours?  Every HHA has a Target Hour number based on average weekly worked hours for the past four weeks.  The Target Hour was calculated by adding 10 hours to the average.

Who is eligible for the bonus?  All HHA staff.  Any new Hire HHA staff that have no recorded hours will also receive a bonus at 10 and 20 hours worked.

What is the criteria for payment?  HHA must have verified hours that exceed their Target Hour goal.

When will payment be made?   BONUSES WILL BE PAID WEEKLY.

Will taxes be taken out of the bonus payment? Yes.  A bonus is considered regular earnings; the same deductions will apply as if it was a regular paycheck.

When will the Summer program start? The program will start effective Sunday May 15th.

How long will the Summer Bonus Program last? The program will last for 8 weeks (about 2 months). The last day of the program will be July 10, 2022.

How will Daily Pay impact the program? Starting Monday, May 16, 2022, every verified visit greater than 7 minutes will be eligible for same day or next day payout.  So, if a caregiver puts up extra shifts, they can be paid for those shifts without waiting for the bi-weekly payday!